Potassium formate

CAS: 590-29-4
Molecular formula: CHKO2
Molecular weight: 84.1157
Physical and chemical properties: The solid product is pure white fine crystals, which is not easy to agglomerate and dissolves extremely fast.
Uses: It is mainly used to prepare water-filled oil well filling fluid. At the end of the 1990s, potassium formate was applied to drilling and completion fluids abroad, especially in high Density drilling and completion fluid systems, and achieved good results. The use of potassium formate to prepare a drilling fluid system has the outstanding advantages of strong inhibition, good compatibility, environmental protection, and oil layer protection. Field application results show that potassium formate inhibits clay hydration.

Test itemsstandard
ExteriorWhite solid
Main ingredient content%96.0% min
Moisture%0.5% max
Calcium carbonate content﹪1.0% max
Potassium chloride content﹪0.5% max
Potassium hydroxide content﹪0.5% max


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