Sodium Diacetate

Molecular formula:  C4H7NaO4·xH2O3
Molecular weight: 142.094
CAS: 126-96-5
Properties: White crystalline powder or crystalline solid, with acetic acid odor, non-toxic, easily soluble in water and ethyl alcohol.
Uses: Sodium hydrogen di(acetate)(SDA) can be used in feed to increase the utilization rate of protein. It can be widely used in antiseptic, preservative, flavoring agent, and PH regulator

Product parameters 

ParametersFCC V E 262 (ii)
Identification testPass test Pass test
Free acetic acid %39.0-41.039.0-41.0
Sodium acetate %58.0-60.058.0-60.0
Lead mg/kg≤2≤2
Readily oxidizable substance %≤0.2≤0.1
Moisture %≤2.0≤2.0
PH (10%)4.5-5.04.5-5.0
Arsenic mg/kg——≤3
Mercury mg/kg——≤1


Packing: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag
Storage and transportation: 1. Plastic bag inside, and kraft paper bag outside, net weight is 25kg.
                                                      2. Keep in cool, dry, and sealed container, keep away from alkaline and toxic substances.


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